carl-henry-property-and-real-estateCarl Henry Property is focused on the United Kingdom residential property industry; Carl Henry Real Estate is involved in housing anywhere else in the world.


"I have decided to stay within the housing sector because it is one of the most necessary and stable

sectors of the industry, this is mainly because the world seems never able to get enough housing."


The other key to this is the production of ‘affordable’ housing, I have been working for over 2 years in discovering ways to provide the appropriate housing but faster and at a lower price but equal or higher quality. We have been mainly researching into the numerous ways to provide housing using modern methods of Offsite Modular Construction; which is building the housing on production lines inside factories, then delivering the finished modules to the final development site.



I have created this website and social pages to start giving you key information about the industry so you can do it for yourself.


If you are low on investment capital you will have to start with a ‘Trading Model’. There are only 3 ways to make money from Real Estate Property trading; Buy at a low price, add value or wait until the price goes up – there is also the opportunity of renting out the property at a profit, while you control it, which is the ‘investment’ or ‘revenue’ model rather than ‘Trading’. There are ways to derive revenues from property with little initial capital which I will also cover.


So if any of this is of interest to you and you want to know more about ‘The Easy Way To Win the Game of Life’! put your name & email in the form and I’ll start sending you info’ on how to get going!