Almost any type of building can be build “offsite” and delivered to the final location for swift assembly and occupation.

Houses & Flats

We specialise in building housing using offsite steel frame modular construction, this means we can deliver higher quality dwellings faster and cheaper than using traditional brick and block methods.

Our steel frame construction is stronger and safer than timber frame homes, they are also 100% recyclable.

Student accommodation

We have available a wide range of student accommodations that can be assembled into various combinations, from single self-contained studios, One & Two Bed flats to halls of residence with shared common areas.

Our student accommodation can be established as permanent or temporary structures that can be refurbished and assembled elsewhere.

Hotels & Hostels

Our hotel room modules can be fitted out to any specification or quality, we can quickly build hotels of virtually any size around common areas with multiple features and facilities. Everything is built under controlled factory conditions ensuring a consistent quality and accuracy.

Temporary buildings

All of our buildings can be constructed & assembled on sites that are only available for a limited time, our modular design allows complete flexibility in the amount of time the building is in place and means that construction and removal can be completed in a very short time.