Your No.1 Source for Offsite Modular Construction Services in the UK, Carl Henry Offsite Modular Construction is based in UK, and provides a full range of Offsite and Modular Construction services using the latest Technology to deliver innovative building solutions, faster and cheaper that traditional methods.

Carl Henry has been involved in the UK Property industry since 1980 and has experience in most aspects of property trading and development.

We provide a comprehensive range of services, including design, manufacture, completion of the building and all the related site works. Our skills in producing buildings are complemented by a dedicated management team all of whom have comprehensive knowledge in design and construction.

Take Advantage of Our Off-Site Construction Solutions Today.

Our Modular Building System offers the following benefits:

·      Projects completed within tight budget

·      Strength and durability of modular building methods

·      Highest level of installation precision and accuracy

·      Sustainable and energy-efficient design and construction

Our customer-centric approach allows our firm to offer:

·      Design, manufacture and construction services from concept to completion

·      Flexibility and creativity in design

·      Tailored services to suit the client’s unique requirements

·      Dedicated customer care manager for each project

·      Awareness of client's requirements and special site restrictions

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