Modular buildings built in factories have multiple customer types;

We have identified a number of key markets for our housing products who not only will be customers but also help source the land required for the installation.


End users

We will make strenuous efforts to sell directly to the owner-occupier market, this will be the most individually profitable sector and allow us to pass on savings directly to the home owner making property ownership more affordable.


Building companies

Local building companies are quite often the first people to spot and secure small development sites, we intend to offer several relationships.

Local builders can introduce the land to us for us to prepare and install our modular buildings.

We can work with the local builder, giving them the necessary site plans so they can complete the ground works for a fee, and we supply the modular building. The finished building would then be sold, rented or purchased by the builder.

We can sell the local builder with a finished modular building that they commission from us.


Existing Housebuilders

We will show housebuilders how we can give them certainty of costs with our standard housing designs and save them time and money.


Housing Associations

Housing associations require us to adhere to strict dimensions and standards, while they have embraced the use of timber frame buildings they have only recently started understanding and accepting steel frame as a viable alternative, in our view this gives us a large and growing potential market.

Through one of our subsidiary companies we have an agreement with 150 housing associations that have pre-accepted our offsite modular construction designs and costings.


Property Investors

Buy to let investors are always trying to reduce acquisition costs and thereby increase rental yields, we will offer incentives for property investors to either offer us development sites, under a commission agreement, or buy modular buildings from us for their own portfolio.