Build where the skills exist or can be created
Rather than the skills having to be found or transported around the country homes need to be centrally manufactured where there is willing and available manpower.


Finding smaller plots nationwide
A system of building homes has to be adopted that makes the development of even a single home profitable and cost effective, the location of hundreds of smaller plot sizes where between 1 and say 30 homes can be built is the solution. This will vastly simplify and speed up the planning process and every site can be fully developed immediately.


More efficient building methods
We have to apply Henry Ford’s production line techniques to housing which will bring the necessary economic, logistical and time improvements that will unblock the logjam. These efficiencies will also bring down the unit cost to a point where homes become affordable again.


Wider range of materials used
As mentioned before that brick and slate have very inefficient thermal properties, there are literally hundreds of finishes available today that offer maximum efficiencies in the heat and cold.