Faster – delivery in weeks

The Modules and pods can be installed on site in a matter of days for smaller homes and a few weeks for say a block of flats, the upside is obvious but I would highlight the number of lost working days with traditional building methods due to bad weather – this is hardly an issue with offsite modular construction particularly as the modules are normally weather proof on delivery.

Advantages of Modular Construction

Apartments and houses built with modular construction have a number of advantages:


Short project time as the finished modules are transported individually and furnished.


The pre-fabrication means that the quality is ensured at the factory.


The modules are built with special module measurements with a steel frame to withstand shipping and strength requirements, manufacturing takes place in the factory.


Currently, the modules can be built up to 6 floors without additional structural support.


Opportunity for endless expressions and design.

Environmentally Friendly

Environmentally friendly production as the material can be recycled after it is useful life.

Energy Solutions

Well insulated using the most up to date efficient materials which are constantly reviewed.

Fulfils Planning Requirements

The modules are built according to national and local regulations.


The construction as well as the fact that the production time can be decreased to two to three months from building start to the finished house has extensive, financial advantages over traditional build methods.